queen rayne

HRM Queen Rayne Wyndhaven (1982 – 1984)

Queen Rayne was loved by all in the kingdom, she focused on her people and the kingdom all the time, until one day the Ranger came to the kingdom.  Prince Falknera cast a spell on the Queen and she fell under his power and the kingdom fell into darkness, only the hearts and souls of the loyal were unaffected by the magic of the Rangers and so the battle begain.  It is said that the queen fell from her tower window while trying to pick a rose…some say their is an arrow in this story.

trystanHRH Prince Trystan Wyndhaven (1982 – 1983)

Prince Trystan was the leader of the Gwynedd troops and a great warrior, during time Gwynedd was young and growing fast…the kingdom had several house form and the houses of Wyndhaven, Haldane, Tyr, Ka’Tai, Raven Wolf, Redd, House of the Owl and Diamond Dogg were born.  Prince Trystan was mortally wounded in an honor duel with Prince Faulknera, for the leadership of Gwynedd and was believed to be dead.  But they were wrong his brother Finn and loyal guards rushed him to Anglesey where the clerics healed him.

Note the Banner he is standing by is the first banner of “The Free Company of Gwynedd.”

Prince Faulknera (1983 – 1984) (The Rangers)

Prince Faulknera was appointed by Queen Rayne as the Prince Regent of Gwynedd, these were dark times in the kingdom and many people were banished and forbidened to return to the kingdom by Prince Faulknera when all was all but lost to the Rangers Prince Faulknera was killed in a honor dual little less then a year after he took over Gwynedd, Sir D’James killed Prince Faulknera and set Gwynedd free from the Rule of the Rangers.

The Triad (1984 – 1985)

Watched over the Kingdom in the absence of a ruler

The Triad was formed to have a governing body for the kingdom and to act as the regent while there was no king or queen to rule.  This only lasted a year and Prince Trystan’s brother Finn Wyndhaven returned to the kingdom and clamed the throne.

finn wyndhavenHRM King Finn Wyndhaven (1985 – 1992)

During King Finn’s time Gwynedd was young and strong, it was a fun time in the kingdom and the Knights and Kensmen of the kingdom were a force to be feared on the battle field, this was a time of many of the legendary fights of Gwynedd that later moved to the SCA and Full Contact Jousting but still today return to us from time to time.


HRM King Owen Wyndhaven (1992 – 2002)

During King Owen time, Gwynedd went through a hard time after the war of the crowns, King Owen always put the kingdom first and through dedication and hard work the kingdom lived on and grew in size and influence…during the split of Dagorhir in the early 2000’s King Owen did his best to stand his ground and defend what was right and true with both sides of the split and do what was best for Gwynedd and Dagorhir.

lorrymarHRM King Lorrymar Wyndhaven (2002 – 2010)

During king Lorrymar Wyndhaven’s time the kingdom went through many victories and many defeats, the kingdom suffered great loses of dear friends but the kingdom lived on and over the years King Lorrymar Wyndhaven lead the kingdom into many great battles and to victory…always the life of the party and a leader of leaders King Lorrymar Wyndhaven brought the kingdom to a new level of influence and leadership and Gwynedd is forever thankful for all that he has done for the Kingdom of Gwynedd.

HRM King Cerrydan Wyndhaven & HRM Queen Lilith Wyndhaven (2010 – 2018)

This history is not yet told… Coming soon!

Druss and Eleyara

HRM King Druss Wyndhaven & HRM Queen Elara Wyndhaven (2018 – Current)

This history is not yet told… long live the King and Queen of Kingdom of Gwynedd.