Founder: Lord Talon Haldane
House Leaders: Princess Anastasia and Kensmen Enyo Haldane

House Haldane was one of the first Households of the Kingdom of Gwynedd and has been a standing member of Gwynedd from day one in 1980 when Gwynedd was first formed and always will be. Our ties to Gwynedd go way beyond just a game, for us it is a brotherhood and a family…we protect our own and it’s good to be us.

The History of The Black Dragons (1982 thru the Present)

Black Dragon’s they included Talon of Arcadia, Oron the Wolf, Dunryk of Gor, Red Sonya and Fluterflam, they were the members of the Black Dragon’s in the beginning of the dark times.  The Black Dragon’s came to the Free Company of Gwynedd in a time of great wars.  The Dragon’s longed to wonder no more, they had found a place they could rest once more… in the mountains of Gwynedd they lived in peace, while down below the lands of Gwynedd were at war.

On one fine winter day a battle started in the mountains near the dragons encampment, 40 or so men were hunting a lone knight…wounded and out numbered the knight pushed on, fleeing the hoard of warriors as best he could.  The dragons came to the cliffs to see what all the commotion was down below to see one man fighting for his life against so many others, Oron the Wolf told the others we must help this man, if for no other reason but to make it a fairer fight…Oron smiled and the dragons descended to joined the fight, as they walked onto the field the lone knight feel before them, he raised his head and said “What? More of you? Hell your still all out numbered” …with a smile on his face he feel to the ground.

The dragons helped him to his feet and said we are here to help you crazy one, then about 30 to 40 warriors arrived and demanded that the dragons turn over the knight…Fluterflam with a flip tone said “what is he to you? We found this man, so that makes him ours” he said with a smug smirk on his face.  The warriors responded that he was Prince Trystan of Gwynedd and they were going to take him back to be executed.  With flaming red hair flying in the wind, the vixen goddess Red Sonya spoke out and said “we are but five and you rank nearly 40, I feel dear sir you are deeply out numbered this day… leave now and we shall let you live, stay and you all will surely die this day!”

The men laughed and the leader said “and what are you going to do little girl?”  And with out a word Sonya draw her blade and severed the mans head from his body in a single stroke, then three more men dropped to the ground with arrows deep in there chest from the mighty bow of DunrykOron leaped into the battle smashing skulls with his mace of power…and Fluterflam and Talon join in on the fun dismembering people left and right.  The battle lasted for more than 20 minutes and when the dust cleared the only ones standing were the Black Dragons and Prince Trystan, just as Sonya had said.  Prince Trystan was so impressed with the Black Dragons he invited them to join him at his castle for a Feast in there honor and felt deeply in debited to the dragons, the dragons responded “we could eat…and yes you are” the group started down the mountain to Gwynedd.

After many hours of feasting and fun the dragons inform the prince it’s time for them to leave, the prince seemed deeply troubled by the dragons leaving and ask the dragons if they would stay and become a part of Gwynedd…..the dragons told the prince they were warriors and wonders, but that they had decided to stay in the mountains of Gwynedd and if the prince should ever need them they would come.  Trystan was so pleased by this news he decided to declare the Black Dragons the protectors of the crown. The Dragons accepted this title with the prevision that they would protect the crown as long as the crown was worthy.

And so the story begins …

Today all that remains of the Black Dragons is House Haldane, that still protects the crown even today and will for all time.

Oron ventured to the northern lands far from Gwynedd and has had many great adventures and battles.  Today he is the King of PentWyvern and a loyal friend to Gwynedd.

Red Sonya became Kensmen Oonah of Anglesey and fights with Anglesey still to this day.  From time to time, she returns to the lands of Gwynedd to visit her friends and family.

Dunryk and Fluterflam have been on quest for many moons and have faded into the history of Gwynedd…one day they too will return as do all.