Founder: Lord Kensmen Oron the Wolf – 1989
No active House Lord in the Kingdom of Gwynedd
History of Kensmen Oron. He was originally Kensed in 1985 by King Finn in Gwynedd with approval of the Alfather. Then moved to Ohio in 1987. It took until 1989 until King Eric of the Red Stone to accept his title which is why that is the date he chooses to use.
House of the Wolf was named such by Kensmen Talon because of Oron’s last name, but the house name was never used by Oron until after he moved to the Kingdom of Pentwyvern and added his first Swordbrother.
Since that time, House of the Wolf has remained primarily in Ohio but does have active members in other parts of the country.
All members of this house are a Kensmen or a Swordbrother.

Kensmen and Swordbrothers of House of the Wolf

For the most UpToDate Lineage follow this link – Kensmen Lineage – Google Sheets

Kensmen Oron the Wolf 1989
Kensmen Tienzel 1998
Kensmen Donal Ap Llyr 2000
Kensmen Enoch Ben Kalbah 2011
Kensmen Wulfgar the Bear Ragnarson 2008
Kensmen Will Scarlit 2011
Kensmen Falgor, The Boar, Irthune 2016
Kensmen Haldor Halvardson 2016
Swordbrother Rowan Proudoak
Swordbrother Astrid
Swordbrother Forrest Tyrsson
Swordbrother Stiorra Izen (Rabbitt)
Swordbrother Morwen Darkwater
Swordbrother Drust Sundyr
Swordbrother Imre
Swordbrother Modi
Swordbrother Semi
Swordbrother Tamok
Swordbrother Stingar Blackthorn
Swordbrother Leavak
Swordbrother Ravus Tull